Deadline update – Friday 27th April by 4pm at the SED

Sam kindly pointed out that the 28th April is actually a Saturday. Apologies, I was misinformed. The deadline is actually Friday 27th April.


Urgent annoucement

There will be no class next week (Wednesday 28th March) due to strike action over pensions. “The strike is in protest against changes to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS), which UCU says will see greater contributions from pension scheme members in exchange for reduced benefits.”


Please use the time to conduct independent study and update your blogs.

Week 8 – some material

Here’s a link to the film Requiem for Detroit which might be intersting to watch in the context of Tim’s rousing call for change on Tuesday!


Also find links to the Chrysler commercials with Clint Eastwood and Eminem. Watch and think – the USA at a crossroads? Or sentimental spectacle?


Looking forward to reading more of your blogs soon!

Identity construction and the media

There are some good web resources that might help you with your blog posts on Identity and semiotics.




The deadline to hand in your coursework is 28th April by 4pm at the SED (Student Enquiry Desk). Remember there are no exceptions to the deadline. Make sure you are in good time so that you don’t miss it.



A good book


This is a great book to get you started thinking about Semiotics.

Week 5 – 22nd Feb 2012

I’ve just spent hours compiling a blog entry and it’s disappeared – a warning to everyone to make sure you back up your work while working. Sigh!

Anyway – just a reminder that as so many of you can’t make the study trip on Wednesday 22nd that you can make an independent study trip or come along to a blog workshop in EB2.44 with me.

Here’s are some suggestions for exhibitions that are on now and soon and might help with your biographies or your core topics.

Tate Modern

Poetry and Dream section on level3 has lots of Modernist (particulalry Surrealist) artworks that could help you with your Modernist/Postmodernist post. If you’re there then you should explore everything for inspiration for your biographies.

Tate Britain

The Thin Black Line is an interesting sounding exhibition showing work from Black and Asian women from the eighties. This might be useful in the context of issues of identity, gender and race.

British Museum

For those of you interested in Manga there’s an exhibition of drawings by Hoshino Yukinoba open until 9th April.

Printmakers might want to see Landscape, heroes and folktales: German Romantic Prints and Drawings

Orange Dot Gallery in Bloomsbury has an exhibition called Women of Wonder: Girlcore celebrating their first publication of a new magazine.

Coming up at INIVA in March is an interesting looking exhibition by Roee Rosen called Vile: Evil Veil

For those of you interested in street art Time Out has good listings of  the best galleries and spots to see it.


Not actually opening until May (but you should still make plans to go) is an exhibition about Bauhaus.

Happy visiting!


Postmodernism: The Substance of Style

Here’s an informative video from the V&A’s exhibition (now closed) called Postermodernism, Style and Subversion. You can also read more here in their online magazine.


And here’s a link to this week’sweek2-modernism-postmodernism. The last bits of text (tips for blogging) look a bit scrambled but I’ll post those separately somewhere. Also the links to video clips won’t work from the PDF but you can access them here:

Un chien Andalou, 1929

Modern Times, 1936

Battleship Potempkin, 1925

Trouble in Utopia – Pruitt Igoe Housing project St Louis, 1972

Ridley Scott, Blade Runner, 1982

Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction, 1994

Baz Luhrmann, Romeo and Juliet, 1996

First Gulf War footage

A book of interest

This books appears to speak to Tim’s thoughts on how design matters.

I’ll ask the library if they can get a copy.



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